Become a Consignor

  1. Bring fashionable, in-season clothes that are freshly cleaned and pressed. We accept clothing on  Friday, Saturday & Tuesday – NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY!  We also consign shoes, purses and accessories.
  2. Everything MUST be on hangers.  This is how we serve you quickly - No hanging in the store please.   NOTE: We will  return your hangers to you, bringing your items on hangers helps us facilitate a quick & smooth intake. 
  3. We will select and price items that are best suited to our clientele.  We have a high standard for condition so be prepared, not all items will be accepted. 
  4. You receive 40% of the selling price.  You can check your balance online. Payout on demand means no waiting for your money; get paid whenever there is money in your account!
  5. At Baja Rosi’s, we will do everything possible to simplify your consignment experience and make it profitable for you!
  6. Special Note:  Due to the increase in volume we often have to close our desk before the intake day is done and this is now our "NEW NORMAL"   We are doing our best to keep up however the volume outpaces our capacity.  We recommend calling ahead as space on the racks cannot be gauranteed. 

Guide to What & When:

Intake Seasons: 

Information on our:   What, When & Where Page


What we take:

Just a quick note;  Items must be clean and in like new condition.

We stock for teens & women of all ages.  We are looking for current in- style clothing, shoes, purses & accesories. 


Please note items that are current & in-style is what sells.  Vintage items are for collectors and almost always have condition issues.

Brand name bags do very well as long as they are in good condition. 

Shoes must also be in great condition, no toe prints or scuffs.  

 Who do you donate unsold items to?

After 45 days any remaining items may be either be sold or donated to a local charity. Our main Charity is the Victoria Pregnancy Center but do from time to time donate to local events and people in our community.