Consignment Agreement

You will receive 40% of the selling price, less fees and taxes.  Money can be picked up in store during regular business hours.  Account balances with ZERO activity for a 12 month period will be forfeited.  Check your balance: online at by email or in person.  We will not provide this information by telephone. 

Prices will be determined by Baja Rosi's, items will be displayed for 45 days.  Periodic markdowns, promotions or coupons up to 30% may be used at our discretion. 45 days is the contract time. 

Unsold items(expired) become the property of Baja Rosi's after 45 days and may be donated or sold.  If  you would like to retrieve items/returned to you, please contact us in the last 2 days of your contract.  Allow for 24 hours notice to prepare your items for pick up.  Note items not picked up after 30 days become the property of Baja Rosi's to donate or sell. 

We will do our Best to Safegaurd your items, but we are not responsible for damage or loss. We do use security tags for added protection. 

We look forward to a profitable association of selling with you and for you.  This is after all a collaboration of women, working together with women for women - We love that!