What, When & Where

Notice to Consignors:

Intake will be closed from May 10th and 11th, 2024 (Friday & Saturday) due to the overwhelming volume.  We thank you for your continued support and the great goodies. Can't wait to get them on the floor! 


The Following is A Guide and is subject to changes. 


We accept clothing on: Friday, Saturday & Tuesday's

No appointment is required but due to heavy volume and short staffing we recommend you call ahead to be sure we have space.

 Intake Seasons: 

Vacation & Travel Wear:         January  - February  

Spring /Summer Intake:          March - July  

Fall/Winter Intake:                   August - December


What we take:

No appointment is required but due to heavy volume and short staffing we recommend you call ahead to be sure we have space.



Important:  Items must be clean and in like new condition.

We stock for women of all ages.  We are looking for current in- style clothing, shoes, purses & accesories. 


Please note we are condition oriented first and foremost.

Please note items that are current & in-style is what sells best.  Vintage items are for collectors and almost always have condition issues.

Brand name bags do very well as long as they are in good condition. 

Shoes must also be in great condition, no toe prints or scuffs. 


Who do you donate items to?
After 45 days any remaining items may be either be sold or donated to a local charity. Our main Charity is the Victoria Pregnancy Center but do from time to time donate to local events and people in our community.